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Interoceptive Illuminations

The silent dialogue between body and self

Interoceptive Illuminations invites you to explore the artistry of internal awareness, a captivating series of light sculptures that transcend mere visuals to evoke the profound experience of interoception—the perception and interpretation of our body's internal physiology and psychology. 

Like a calling from within, the sculptures invite you to feel the pulse of existence—the rhythm of life that courses through our veins and pulses beneath our skin.


Witness the interplay between emotion and physiology, where the gradients of light serve as a visual chord of understanding—a testament to how our inner world weaves the fabric of our emotions - the symphonic language that bridges the mind and body.


In the soft glow of these sculptures, you'll find a sanctuary for introspection and a space to contemplate the harmonious coming together of breath, emotions, and the corporeal.

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